Too Many Games

I think I may very well have a problem. I have (or want) far too many games, with not enough regular players for many of these games to actually see play! I have a tendency to get super involved with, some may say I obsess over, a new game. But that excitement eventually wanes just a bit, and without a group of players I have trouble keeping the interest going.


Just to give you an idea, currently these are the games on my list, in order of interest:

  • Kings of War
  • Reaper Warlord
  • Heavy Gear Blitz
  • Infinity
  • Warhammer 40k 6th edition (really?! really.)
  • Colonial Battlefleet

Starship Miniatures Combat

I wanted to make a quick post showing my collection of starship miniatures. My gaming group uses these in Colonial Battlefleet, which is by far the best starship battle ruleset I’ve tried out.

First up is a fleet made entirely of Terran Republic ships from Ravenstar Studios Cold Navy line. They are representing my custom faction in Colonial Battlefleet: The Carcharadon Republic. Think a race of spacefaring sharks patterned after the Roman Empire, and you won’t be too far off.


Next up is the fleet painted by my girlfriend. The centerpiece is a promotional mini from Ravenstar, the Phantom Cruiser painted in authentic Space Ghost style. Her faction is a fleet of space pirates, which explains the scattering of designs and model lines, as well as the color scheme.


Finally, there is this large work in progress. My next fleet / faction is the Grand Alliance, a collection of spacefaring races that combine together for greater military might. If anyone remembers the Invasion! comics from DC back in the late 80’s, the alien coalition led by the Dominators is the inspiration for this fleet.

Miniatures Organization Time

I’ve decided that I have entirely too many miniatures without a good grasp of exactly what I have. To that end, I’ve decided to spend the next few days compiling a catalog of every single miniature that I own. This will make organization and any future trading I may do worlds easier.

It’s coming well so far. Two of the three 40k armies I have are set up and ready for inventory!

More of a Miniatures Gaming focus…

With all the gaming / modeling / painting that I’ve been doing lately, I thought I’d start to take this blog in more focused direction. In the next few updates I’ll be posting a bit on the two current miniatures adventures I’m involved: starship wargames and an alternative sci-fi ground combat ruleset. Something to use all my existing Warhammer 40k figures with…